Silver Lake Fisherman Falls Through the Ice Monday

The Angola Fire Department was called out Monday at 4:30 PM on a report of another area fisherman who feel through the ice. Several other area emergency teams also responded, including the Steuben County Sheriff's Department, to 3629 West 70 South at Silver Lake.

Officials with the District 2 Indiana Conservation Department said that a male subject was pulled from the water during the incident. He was taken to Cameron Hospital where he was treated for hypothermia.

Monday's incident makes at least 5 fishermen in a series of just a few days that have fallen through icy waters that have been reported, with 1 of those resulting in a drowning death.

District 2 Indiana Conservation Officers advise that lakes and ponds have not had adequate time to freeze, let alone hold the weight of a human. District 2 officials say that there are no fish swimming in any of our public freshwater lakes that are worth risking your life and the life of the first responders that will come to your rescue if you happen to fall through. They strongly advise area residents to "stay off the ice".