Dogs Rescued from Steuben County Area Lake
Saturday, March 9, 2019

Two dogs were rescued from icy conditions on Steuben County's Crooked Lake Friday morning.

TR Hagerty, Public Information Officer for the Angola Fire Department, said their crews were called to 4401 West Orland Road (Third Basin of Crooked Lake) just after 9 a.m. First units on the scene found two dogs in the water.

Hagerty said one dog was almost to shore, but needed help getting out of the water.

The second dog was reportedly about 50 yards from shore, but still treading water. Crews were able to break through ice and reach the dog's collar with a safety clip.

Both animals were safely brought back to land and reunited with their owner.

The Angola Fire Department says this incident with the dogs is a good reminder to warn people about melting ice on area waters. Hagerty said people should use extreme caution in the days to come when on or around the ice as to the "temperatures are rising and the ice will deteriorate quickly". Remember, "if it won't hold a dog it probably won't hold a human".