Cameron Hospital OB Department Receives Award
Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital’s OB department recently received a Gold Award from the Indiana Department of Health in recognition of the best practices in place for the prevention of perinatal hepatitis B infection. This award recognizes hospitals and birthing centers that have attained high coverage rates for administering the hepatitis B vaccine at birth.

According to the CDC, “hepatitis B is a contagious viral infection that is spread through blood or other body fluids that contain small amounts of blood from an infected person.” A few examples of the way hepatitis B can spread to babies and children include, but not limited to:
-At birth from their infected mother.
-Being bitten by an infected person
-By touching open cuts or sores of an infected person
-Through sharing toothbrushes or other personal items used by an infected person
-From food that was chewed (for a baby) by an infected person.

“We truly made it our goal to increase our best practices to further protect our patients,” said Tonya Alleshouse, OB director. “We worked to change some of our policies and procedures, and the addition of our electronic medical records, we were able to solidify our best practices to prevent perinatal hepatitis B infection.”