Economy & Education Just Two Topics Denny Zent Addressing In Hoosier State Capital
Monday, January 20, 2020

As the calendar has flipped to 2020, many residents within the state of Indiana have a bevy of topics in their concern. State Representative Dr. Denny Zent stopped by and discussed a variety of topics currently up on the table at the statehouse.

One of the major topics has to do with the state's budget, but Zent wants remind Hoosiers that when it comes to funding changes are at least a year off due to one major reason due to the fact that it is not a budget year.

Zent also addressed the call by many for additional investment to education, bringing up the additional funding the state's government has put into education over the last decade and how they have had to comply with federal mandates.

Zent further went on to discuss school consolidation and how it has affected Northeast Indiana, but where the benefits have been in where the rural school districts are out performing those in the urban sectors of the state.

Dr. Denny Zent represents Indiana's 51st District in the State House.